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Adéquation Germany does not collect money directly [although you can support the association by making a donation] but is rather involved in recycling of equipment and ideally, transfer of competence through teaching and training and thus, ensuring the future of the projects.

One of the main objectives of Adéquation Germany is to coordinate the collection and distribution of used scientific, medical, and teaching equipments. Initially, contacts are established by or with demanding Institutions through an international network or local contacts. Then, a clear and concise list of the most urgent needs is established by the community and sent to us. At this step, we make sure that the appropriately trained staffs exist on the site. Once the requested material has been located, we ask the demanding party to coordinate with us the transportation and custom clearance of the goods. After these matters have been cleared, shipping can occur.

We aim to develop a network of 'donators' of equipment and establish/coordinate a central list of equipment available for recycling.

We believe that a prior knowledge of local conditions through reliable, direct and extensive local contacts is helpful to achieve an optimal level of 'adequacy' [competence]. The starting point is often a network of contacts involving friends, family or scientific contacts living in Germany and Europe.

Because our engagement is confined to assistance in equipment and know-how transfer on a partnership basis and on the long term, we encourage and support self-financed projects.
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