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Computer Requirements
Pentium II or above computers [both desktops and laptops]
We accept full sets or separate working computers or monitors or peripherals. Our partners also seek working dot matrix, laser, and inkjet printers, EtherNet cards and cable, CD ROM peripherals, internal or external modems, software, faxes, scanners, digital cameras, working hard drives, network switches, routers, and hubs, LCD projectors, and UPSes [Uninterrupted Power Supply].

Working color 14-19" monitors [that say on the back that they were built after 1995 or show that they have 110/220 volt autoswitch].

Power Macs
Power Macs can be dropped off or sent to our Heidelberg Office.

Desktop Power Macs
Any machine which says 'Power Macintosh' or 'PowerPC' on it
Any machine – including Performas or LC – with a 4-digit model number
Any 'G3' or 'G4' machine
Any iMac or eMac

Laptop Macs
PowerBook Models – any model with a 4-digit number, e.g. 1400, 2400, 3400, 5300
PowerBook 'G3' and 'G4' ['Titanium'] Models - All models iBook - all Models

Sorry, we do not accept the following Mac machines:
Mac 128, Mac 512, Mac Plus, Mac SE, Mac SE/30
Mac LC I, II or III [all models]
Mac LC 475 through 630 Macintosh II [all models including IIci, IIvx, etc]
Performa 200 through 640 [all models with 3-digit numbers]
PowerBook Models – 140 through 180c and 190 and 190cs and 520 through 540c
PowerBook Duo Models 210 through 270c
Quadra [all models]
Any non-Apple branded Macintosh [Mac clone] including 'Daystar', 'PowerComputing', 'Motorola', 'Radius', 'Gravis' or 'Umax' – even if they are PowerPC models
Centris [all models]

Non-qualifying equipment
If you have a computer or equipment that is not on our 'needs' list and cannot find another home for it, please dispose of it properly rather than place it in the trash. Many municipalities now have recycling programs for old equipment that recovers valuable metals keeps the many toxic metals and other parts out of landfills. There is often a small charge for this proper disposal. Contact your local recycling coordinator for more information.
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