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Equipment Requirements
Before to give us any equipment please, read carefully the following paragraph, giving equipment with the sense that 'something is better than nothing' is not our goal. We try to provide to our colleagues, equipment in working conditions so they can use it straight away. Please, let's be professional and responsible, we will all benefit from it.

Check it
You'll want to check that all of the equipment you want to give works and works well. Really give them a good work out at different speeds and temperatures, as often pieces are passed on without the caveats, Mark anything that is not working at its best and be sure to mention the problems with a piece when advertising that you possess it. It's okay to pass on used equipment as is, but it's just considerate to know what 'as is' is. We've chosen not to pass on equipment that is not working. Some people might be interested in fixing a piece once it's arrived, but it's often not worth the effort or cost of shipping. Use your judgment and be sure to point out what is broken.

Clean it
It's always better to receive something clean and new looking. It's also a good chance to be sure that you've removed all radioactive tape, cataloged and removed ID numbers [if you're University, Company or Institution, requires their removal], and noticed any obvious deficiencies which might help a piece last longer eg. the need for legs on a water bath to keep it from rusting out.

Catalog it
You'll want to know what you've collected for your own sake, for donors, for shipping quotes, and for the scientists you’ll ship to. After cleaning, we marked all equipment with a number, digitally photographed the piece, and weighed it. This info was then noted in the central database along with any questions/notes about how well it worked, the presence of corresponding operation manuals if needed, and the lab that donated the piece.

We subsequently posted this sheet on the web with the corresponding digital image. This way, those interested knew what they were getting and did not have to rely on a description or imagine the state of the piece.

Pack it
You'll only need to do this if you're shipping the equipment yourself. If you do pack – what will help . . . sharpies, measuring tape, scale, digital camera, newspaper, packing tape, razor blades There's nothing to say. Packing itself ­ other than pack it well Remember what you've packed and label the boxes with their contents weigh and measure the dimensions of the boxes [this is required for shipping] If you are using lab boxes, be sure to deface dry ice stickers, flammable/poison logos, or anything else that would make a shipper or customs nervous. Take pictures, for PR and fun, of yourselves getting the job done.
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