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Registered NGO
Heidelberg Amtsgericht Reg. Nr. 3035
Adequation Germany is a German Registered non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation based in Heidelberg in Germany. Our sisters organisations, Adéquation et Développement and Adequation USA are based in Paris, France and San Diego, USA, respectively. Partnerships were created with FEBS, EMBO and EMBL. Adequation Germany is an international organisation that assists scientists. 

What is a registered Charity?
A national commission registers organisations that are charitable by law. The Commission must deem the registered charity's aims [and sometimes the methods of achieving these aims] as exclusively charitable; it has the responsibility towards the public to only register organisations established in good faith which foster charitable aims and objectives. The commissions exist to ensure that charities use their resources in effectively and to ensure that the public's faith in charities continues to be justified.

The Register of Charities contains details of registered charities. The information on the Register is an extract of what charities must legally provide and can be accessed by members of the general public.

The Commissions continually monitor the charities activities by means of annual returns and accounts, which the Board is legally responsible for preparing. All registered charities are subject to the supervisory and investigative powers of the respective Commission.
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